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Elpicsid said, "Great thinker, desire ariseth in my mind to know. What is the limit? How far does the quantity go on increasing? How great is the size of this Existence and after what extent is it bound by frontiers? What is the nature of God? What is the limit of knowledge? Do tell me all this in detail, Learned One"

Larewonk said, "The six questions that thou hast asked me, my companion, have for an answer just one Concept. Listen to me about That. That Concept, O seeker is Infinity.  Infinity, friend, is not to be misunderstood or estimated either. Human beings are but unable to contemplate the Pervasive nature of Infinity.

My friend, there is no limit. The fact of absence of limit is, verily, Infinity. Quantity goeth on increasing for all ever eternity, that is Infinity. There are no boundaries for this Existence of ours, that is Infinity. God is all Pervasive, his potency knoweth no limits onto it, that is Infinity. There is no limit to what one can learn, no man is all knowing because knowledge is endless and all transcending, that, my son, is Infinity. God's omniscience existeth without end, that, verily, is Infinity!

Infinite in lenght is a line that hath no beginning or end vertically but showeth a commencing and ceassation in breadth.

Infinite in area is a plane that hath no shape because for shape, frontiers are essential and this plane with infinite area hath no frontiers that limit its area. Verily, albeit, this plane possesseth a limit to its height or thickness and this limit can be seen and comprehended by the human eye.

Infinite in volume is that Existence verily who hath no form because all of its visible dimensions are without borders. It extendeth forever vertically, horizontally, to the north, east, west and south and every fragment of direction.

Perpetually Infinite is none other than God, my friend for He hath transcended even this Concept of Infinite. He is beyond lenght, area and volume. The laws of Reality do not apply to Him. God transcendeth all the Infinities and is infinitely superior to Infinity"

Elpicsid said, "Holy one! Thou hast verily enlightened my heart for which I am very grateful to thee. But Learned Sir, curiosity still tormenteth me. Thou hast explained to me beautifully in detail about the Concept of Infinity which is endless on the greater side. My mind cometh up with a desire to know about the Infinity on the lesser side. What, O All Knower, is the significance of the Infinitely Small?"

Larewonk said, "Son, the Infinitely Small is not a Concept of lesser significance than the Infinitely Great. You get quantities that are one and two and three. Absence of any quantity is naught. My son, in this Universe manifest there existeth not a quantity lesser than the naught. However, Infinitely Small is that object that is greater than the naught by an infinitely small quantity. This verily paveth way for the question of paradox, for, some quantity whose magnitude of being less never ceaseth, ultimately never meeteth the magnitude of existence. That, my son, verily is the Naught. This Universe, hence is made from Naught.

The significance of the Infinitely Small can be explained thus:
Take a rock and smash it to half. Smash them further and thou wilst be holding a fourth of the rock in thy hands. If thou wilst keep breaking it in half, thou wilst never arrive at an end simply because nothing, when halved, yields naught. This Infinitely Small pieces are verily the Essence of the object, for without them there is no object. This Infinitely Small piece is in everything and and omnipresent. Such is the nature of God, O seeker. Just like the Infinitely Small piece, by theory, God appears to be Naught but He is not, because, if the infinitely small particle is naught, how is everything there? Similarly God appeareth to be naught but the world cannot exist without Him.


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